Oct 17, 2012

Know When to Run

Friends, how do you know when to forge ahead with a project despite the fact it's starting to look fug and you can foresee that salvaging it will only contribute to your gray hair count?

Or am I simply at the crossroads aptly described by funny Tweeter Kelly Oxford who now and then tweets the following "If you loved what you're writing & now you hate what you're writing, you're halfway through."

Because boy, do I ever hate this:

I'm at the "do I stay or do I go" stage. I don't want to commit any more time or supplies to something so stinky. I'm going down to the Garment District today. Maybe I should just start over — with a solid colour, and NO piping. This fabric, after all, is a NIGHTMARE to work with. I hate it more than words can say. I look at it too hard and it stretches, taking the plaid off-grain. Ugh. I even took the step of sewing twill tape along the edges:

But maybe, just maybe, once it's all together, I will once again see the potential in this? Or not. I hate to so easily abandon a project (because of what that says about my personality? That's one for the therapist), but I don't need one more thing in my closet that I never wear. It shames me when I'm sifting through and say to myself, "Ugh. I MADE that."

So how do you know when to hold 'em (and know when to fold 'em ... back up and deposit at the bottom of the scrap pile)?


  1. Ugh. the midpoint of the project is always the worst.

  2. If you hate it now, ditch it. You didn't love the fabric to begin with. Work on something you love.

  3. I'd say.put it away n work on something else thats fun! Who knows u might see it differently after that. If not, do it again and again. Hehe :)

  4. Put it away. Make something else. And then come back to it. If you still don't love it then it's time to abandon it.

    1. I agree! You'll probably have a clearer idea of whether or not this is going to work for you if you put a little distance between yourself and the project.

  5. I say no. Go buy a solid colour. If you hate the fabric you'll never wear it.

  6. I agree with lizajane and gingermakes. Go start a fun easy project in a fabric you love. Then when you've finished that maybe you can take a fresh look at this one.



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