Nov 2, 2011

Very Easy Vogue 8626 In Progress

When I started cutting the pattern for Very Easy Vogue 8626, a simple coat with princess seams and gorgeous back pleats, it was still fall in New York. Then it snowed and I wondered whether I would even be able to wear it in 2011. 

See the back princess seams:

 I bought this blue and orange plaid wool suiting from a sale at the Fashion Institute of Technology last spring. It was $2/yard. I only had two yards though, so I had to shorten the coat 3 1/2 inches in order to make the pattern pieces fit on my yardage. I'm short though (5' 3"), so I think it will still look good.

I did my best to match up the plaid....which wasn't that successful, as you can see. Oops. I love it anyway. (You love me for my flaws too, right?) 
 The front is much more understated. I'm still waiting for my buttons to arrive. I ordered them online because I can't muster the strength to go downtown to the garment district with my kid again anytime soon. My husband has a lot of gigs these days, which is good for our family's bottomline, but bad for solo notions shopping trips.
I clearly need to research plaid-matching tips, though my front and side seams are good. Should I have the side panels matched up too? It's tricky with the grain lines. Any tips? Send 'em my way.


  1. Don't worry about the plaid. It looks like a rather clever design element :). Especially if your side seams are also as well-matched as your front and back seams. I can't wait to see what it will look like when it's finished.

  2. I agree with Butterfly, for what it's worth-- the CF and CB seams are so nicely aligned that the rest looks great as is! This is going to be gorgeous!

  3. Suzanne, it's looking gorgeous! Here's hoping we have a real fall and not just go straight into winter.

  4. Stunning! I have this pattern too and I hope I can match plaid as well as you have!



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