Nov 8, 2011

Today's Confessional: Or All the Lazy Changes I Made to Vogue 8626

The back of my in-progress Very Easy Vogue 8626 jacket is turned in shame (and also to show its best feature: the princess seams and back pleats). Shame because of all the lazy changes I made to this easy coat pattern. I don't know why I feel the need to confess here now, but I will — if only to make you feel better about all the shortcuts you will take today.

To start, I spent a total of $7.60 on the fabric and notions for this coat: the wool suiting was $2/yard at a classroom sale at FIT last spring. I should have bought more though: I had to trim 3.5 inches off the hem to make the pattern pieces fit on my length of fabric (That's the first of my sins). I also trimmed an inch off the sleeves (again, to conserve fabric, which I was short on). But I'm short, so I think the proportions will still work on me.

For the lining I used fleece leftover from a few other projects (so I'm not counting it towards the $7.60 total). The pattern doesn't call for fleece. It calls for lining fabric. But I was feeling cold the day I started cutting this out, so decided to go with the fleece. I didn't line the sleeves at all though, because when it came time to sew those, it was warm again in NYC. Plus it seemed like it would be too bulky. I've been trying the coat on as I go, and I think these questionable (and possibly schizophrenic) fabric choices will work out in the end (so relax).

The buttons were $3.60 for six. Because I changed the proportions of the coat slightly by shortening it (and making it somewhat bulkier), I am the button placement. The rule is always to have a button right at your bust (to avoid gaping problems when you wear it), and I didn't want a button too near the hem. The buttonholes are not yet sewn (I think I will have to do them by hand. Pray for me), and nor are the buttons sewn on. I also need to finish the hem.

So what was one shortcut you took today? Was it worth it? I'll start: I put ALL my laundry in one machine. Don't judge.


  1. OMG, I ALWAYS put all my laundry in one machine... or I drop it off at the laundromat (they'll do it for an extra $10)... please don't tell my midwestern parents!! They'd be horrified by my laziness!

    My shortcut today: didn't have time to make/buy/look for a nice breakfast, so I ate a doughtnut that was sitting around. From Dunkin' Donuts. And then I ate a second one. Now I feel disgusting and sad that I wasted good snack calories on a not-worth-it sugary mess.

  2. Suzanne, I always do my laundry in one machine. Then again, I like beige tee shirts...

    I think the coat looks great but -- if you don't mind my two-cents -- I think darker buttons are called for on a coat that elegant. Faux tortoise sell perhaps?

  3. Of course I meant tortoise "shell."

  4. Peter, I totally agree. I want something darker, maybe a tinge orangey to bring out that stripe.



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