Nov 18, 2011

Not-so-cheeky Panties Pattern

I crossed a threshold last night, dear readers. I became that weird lady who makes her own underpants. I know, it's one of those things: like, that friend who makes her own yogurt. Why would you risk botulism when you can buy amazing pomegranate Greek yogurt for just $1.39 at the store? I don't get it either. But I was curious to see how hard stitching up a pair of undies could be. Also....I need new underpants (and have I mentioned we're broke?). 

I had some blue jersey left over from making leggings for Lucy, so I made two test pairs from member Emilykate's Cheeky Panties pattern. The first I made from her pattern with no adjustments, and they were indeed cheeky:

Oh-kay, that's not me. Did you think I would actually model underpants? (Though maybe if I had her photoshopper, I would). That picture is, however, a close approximation of the amount of cheek exposed when wearing Emilykate's Cheeky Panties. Here's my first finished pair:

 You can see they are very....thong-like through the crotch. Of course, my husband digs 'em, but I hate wedgies, so I adjusted the pattern to add extra coverage and prevent them (see where the extra paper has been added on to the pattern below. This is easy to do with a French curve and some fiddling:)

Not-quite-so-cheeky Panties Pattern
The results are pretty perfect. If I found this pair of undies in the store, I would buy five pairs. They sew up FAST, especially if you have a serger, though you really only need a zig-zag stitch. Again, here's where to get the pattern, which I do recommend, with some slight alteration: member Emilykate's Cheeky Panties pattern.

I'm so excited today because I'm meeting an old friend who is visiting from Toronto and we're heading to the Daphne Guinness exhibit at the Fashion Institute of Technology museum. (Also, to Chelsea Market, the High Line, and fabric shopping! What a great day in NYC.) And tomorrow we have tickets to see a taping of Saturday Night Live and Jason Segal is the host! My panties can barely stand it.


  1. Awesome! I have a stack of t-shirts I'm waiting to convert into underpants as soon as I have the time (so in, like, 2018). But I must take exception at your yogurt comments, lady! I make my own yogurt and it is the shit! And botulism? Pffft! Not even a chance. There ain't nothing at the grocery store here for $1.39 except maybe some marked-down chocolate bars, and even so, making yogurt makes my kids think I have super powers. Also, my mother in law is constantly leaving humanitarian drop-offs of four litres of milk at a time at my house, and since nobody really drinks it, I have to figure something out. Yogurt to the rescue! Boo-yeah!

  2. Alright, alright, I take it back. Really good yogurt is super cheap here. And counter and cupboard space (for storing a yogurt maker, which my mom had when I was a kid) is not. I'd probably make it too if I lived in Newfoundland and had a mom who donated her milk surplus my way

  3. I like your undies! I recently made my first pair as well, though they were more of the granny sort. I too make yogurt at home, and I can make a cup of organic yogurt for about 25 cents. I can't find it that cheaply at the store here. Not to mention, it is waaaaaaay better for you as the healthy bacteria in it don't die as it sits on the shelf for a couple of weeks. Not to mention- you bring the milk to boiling, which kills any botulism spores (and the milk is pasturized). Also, it does taste better. But, your undies did come out quite nicely! I printed that pattern out a while ago, but didn't make any. Now I will give it a try!

  4. Whoa, you made your own panties? Damn, you are a superwoman! Enjoy your super-fun weekend!

  5. I'm missing a like-button here :) I'm joining into the weirdo group as soon as possible ...

  6. I read your profile, LOLd and was like, HOW am I now following this gal already?

    I'm glad the panties worked out for you with the improvements. I'll have to try it cos I feel like I'd find your version more comfortable, too.

    I see we yoghurt-makers have been drawn out of the woodwork! In our defense, it is almost harder NOT to make it, when its seriously just a dollop of the last batch into milk and then overnight in the yoghurtmaker flask. Ultimate homemaker laziness really, but I can see how it could get us a rep as on of those ladies Who Just Take The Whole Thing Too Far.

  7. Yogurt makers unite! In our homemade underpants! Yay!

  8. Andreae! Enter my giveaway already!! C'mon!!

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  10. Wait, you can get botulism from making your own yogurt?! Good thing the one time I made it I decided it wasn't worth all the effort.

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