Nov 15, 2012

The Big Reveal! Amy's Dress I Made

My favorite wedding photos are always the ones where the bride or groom is overcome with emotion. Not, like, Claire Danes cryface:

More like, holding back tears gracefully. Especially if it's the groom at the moment he first sees the bride. That just kills me.

 But I'm going to do my friend Amy a solid and not post the pics of her in tears at her recent post-wedding celebration at a castle in Scotland — even though those pics are my favorite and technically she said I could post ANY of the pics in her album. Instead I'll let you see her in the dress I made, using the print she designed using Spoonflower's tool.

Amy accessorized beautifully. How much do you love her brooch by Poppie Jasper, an American living in London?

And the purple shrug made by Amy's new husband's Aunt — love that deep purple color paired with the autumnal hues in the print!

Of course the best accessory is a big smile (and a heart filled with love): 

Regular readers may remember that this dress was sewn from's Bustier Dress With Draped Detail Pattern, with a skirt drafted by yours truly. I've sewn the bodice several times now, with the aid of Gertie's Bombshell Dress class at Though Amy lives in London for now, we managed to do fittings via snail mail and Skype. Somehow it worked out. Look how amazing she and her cute new husband Lewis look!

Congratulations Amy and Lewis! 

(All wedding ohotos by Flash Munki)


  1. That is such a beautiful dress! Love the richness of the fabric and it's intricate design. Fabulous job :)


  2. That bodice is gorgeous. Congrats to your friend :)
    Haha Clare Dane's crying face. "You're an ugly crier" - Bridesmaids.

  3. It's really so fabulous and I love the purple shrug against the golden-colored print.

  4. you're so brave making her wedding dress while in two different countries! it's absolutely beautiful job:)

  5. she looks lovely! i really like non-traditional wedding dress styles, but wow!? fitting by mail and skype?? i couldn't even imagine doing that! how many times did you have to send the dress back and forth and how long did it take to get there? talk about a time crunch! you did a stunning job!

  6. Gorgeous! This really looks beautiful on her! You did such a great job! And congrats to the bride and groom!

  7. It looks awesome!!! I'm so in love with the bombshell dress' silhouette... she looks SO gorgeous, and that purple shrug could not have been a better match. Thanks for sharing such gorgeous photos - here's to the newlyweds!!!



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