Nov 20, 2012

Christmas Crafting: The Slippery Slope to Scrapbooking

Nothing against scrapbooking. It's just, you know, this blog is mostly about sewing actual garments and  for some reason I feel apologetic posting about anything but.

(And anyway I know what you're thinking: Where's the finished Lauren Moffat top knock-off? It's ready to be photographed, and I even have a gorgeous new accessory to wear with it — which I will tell you about soon — but vanity demands I wait because this week I got my annual Fall coldsore, and nobody is taking pics of me until it is gone.

Speaking of vanity, I'm also going next week to see a plastic surgeon about "revising" the scar I was left with after being punched in the face last year. That may be an overshare, but for some reason it has me nervous and is consuming my thoughts. I don't know what has me more spooked: the scalpel, or the thought that this surgeon will think me vain for wanting to erase the physical memento of my mugging. It's small, but it casts a shadow, it sticks out so far.)

Back to crafting: I totally stole this cute Christmas ornament idea from Pinterest, where I saw a pic of this lady's handiwork. She sells these adorable customized ornaments on, but appears to be so backed up, she's no longer taking any more orders this holiday season (so I don't feel too badly for stealing her idea and making my own). Also, if the parents of these tots read this post, I apologize for spoiling the surprise:

Since it was someone else's idea, I'm not about to show you how to do this and steal away her business or anything. But if you have some hand stitching skills, it shouldn't be hard to infer how to make this onesie ornament. Mine measure 3.5 inches square. The "hanger" is a bent paperclip. I drafted this little onesie by hand (on the center front fold so it would be perfectly symmetrical). It's made from two layers of white poly felt, with blanket stitching all around. (Just google "blanket stitch" if you don't know how. There are a million good tutorials out there).

What's the best idea you've stolen recently? Let's give a little credit where it's due!


  1. Those ornaments are fantastic. Such great detail!

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  3. These are so cute. Blanket stitch always makes things adorable! :)



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