Mar 25, 2014

Sew Sexy Sewalong — If It Feels Good, Do It

In my long blogging absence I was pleased to see my legacy lived on in inspiring a movement to add a little sexy to our sewing tables (keep your feet on the floor, ladies and gents, I'm talking about sexing up our patterns not our privates!).

(I'm giving myself too much credit here, but I was linked to by the sexy ladies ClioLisette (What Would Nancy Drew Wear?) and Nettie of Sown Brooklyn so that's something considering how little I was participating in our little corner of the Interwebz). 

Anyway, to throw my hat in the proverbial ring, I'd like to add to the discussion on what makes a home-sewn garment sexy. My main criteria for judgement these days: would I wear it to a parent-teacher meeting? If the answer is "no," then I think it qualifies as "sew sexy." And this dress (from the Drape Drape 2 book; thank you, Gingermakes!) meets that criteria. Booty-hugging in the back and with long drapey folds that draw your eyes downward towards your, um, uh, bobbin casing, this dress is definitely something I wouldn't wear to Kindergarten pickup. (OK, I would, but only with a long cardigan on top and thick leggings underneath — because this thing is SHORT, and to think I even sewed the XL size!).  

And what I love about this pattern (which was the most difficult puzzle I've worked on since figuring out how to put together my kid's play kitchen one Christmas Eve) is how easy it is to wear. So you're not constantly adjusting or checking to make sure just the right amount of cleavage is showing, which means you can relax — the true key to feeling sexy in something you made.

I have a few weeks lefts for another addition to this project (which you can see more of in their Flickr group here). I'm hoping to sew up a dress with a back cutout, should the pattern arrive in time. 

Do you have a fave sexy pattern? 


  1. Super Cute!!! I love it on you.
    I don't have a fav yet, but I can see me in this. It'll prove once and for all squats does a body good!

    1. There's got to be some reason for doing 'em!

  2. sexy yet sophisticated!

  3. this is hot, lady! i'm one of those people that just can't pull off sexy anything... way too self-conscious! the pulling and tugging and being uncomfortable? yeah, that's me. this look is great on you, and i love the color!

  4. This is awesome in its drapey chic goodness. I think it would be super chic and not too sexy for kinder pick up but I am making the rash assumption you would be wearing the grey tank underneath too..... Love it and want one.

  5. And the Sew Sexy Sew Along brings Suzanna BACK to blogging!! Totally makes it worth it!
    You look awesome!!

  6. okay this is booty hugging yet infinitely wearable hot, but please don't look at your traffic words for like a month.

  7. This looks amazing! Love it on you! It's just snug enough and is totally hot!



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