Apr 30, 2013

Me Made Meh?

I'm not participating in Me Made May though I do respect the concept (and will probably steal some style ideas from your blogs throughout the month! Muahaha!).

I have enough me-mades to get me through a month. But I reckon it would be hubris for me to assume my taste is at a level that seeing what I wear every day is in some way inspiring. After all, check out my latest pants-in-progress...they might just be the most hideous pants you have ever seen:

Barf-colored, tie-dye-print stretch denim? What was I thinking? I am too far gone now to turn back, however. So finish these I will. And, I hope, at some point these pants will cross the threshold from awful into awesome. It could happen yet. (Couldn't it?):

I was inspired by Project Runway winner Michelle, who frequently makes use of the above color palette, and has a knack for making the putrid look pretty. Michelle is my middle name (truly, it is!), so hopefully I can pull this off without making everyone sick.

I am again using the pattern I drafted using Kenneth King's Craftsy.com "Jeanius" class, which I cannot recommend enough.

Anyway, back to Me Made May: even my successes are nothing much to write home about. Last week I sewed another version of Grainline's Tiny Pocket Tank, this time with a short button placket. It turned out beautifully and I have worn it three times already. But would anybody be impressed by this simple tank?

The other big reason I can't do Me Made May: the only person who could conceivably take pics of me everyday is four years old. And she chops my head off. Every. Time.

Are you doing Me Made May? Why? And do you enjoy reading others' daily outfit posts?


  1. Actually, I Think The Pants is gonna Be Pretty. I Can ImaginE It With Casual Top. An The Tank Top Is Cute. Im Doing Mmm This Year, My 2Nd. My Photos Won't Be Much NIcer Than The Ones Your 4Yo Took :) I Wish My Toddler Can Take Photos Already. Lol. i Like Seeing Picture Slides Of What Others Wear During Mmm (Only) On Flickr. :) Sometimes I Even Venture OntO Individual Blogs And Then Follow Them.Its Not All The Time, Coz That Would Require Sitting In Front Of Pc N Not Doing Anything Else For Hours On End. And Its Tough When Im Just Doing It On The Mobile,Like I Am Right Now... It's Doing All Sorts Of Screwy Thing....

  2. My goal is to do it next year. Funny, that was my goal last year too.

    Michelle has infiltrated my brain, and I've found myself pulling all kinds of stuff out of my stash going, "Hmm -- could I sew this silky stuff to this leather stuff and make it look awesome?" Or, "Hmm -- does this need a breastplate? Or compass?" Most often my answer to myself is "no," but it's fun to dream.

    I love the pants already. They will be fabulous.

  3. Fashion blogs generally bore me - I much prefer to see what people have made to how they style it. With MMM, however, I think what I learned most was that I actually can wear the things I've made, and my goal of a handmade wardrobe isn't so far off! Even if you don't participate, I'll be following what you're making :)

  4. So apparently I share the bad taste, because I think that fabric is fabulous... People are going to ask you where you got those pants, mark my words... :)
    I am doing MMM this year for the first time, and I'm looking forward to the challenge -- hoping to learn about some wardrobe holes I want to fill, and play around with some new styling. I'm not posting about it daily though... Maybe once/week. I love seeing what you make, MMM or not!

  5. will they be hideous? or fabulous?! haha it's a fine line really... i hope you finish the pants (and show us!) because i'm super curious! the color might be more suited to fall, but i'm betting you can pull them off. :)

    i'm doing MMM'13 this year, not because i feel the need to show off my amazing style (hahahahaha) but because i actually do wear me-made's so often. in fact the other day my husband looked at me and said--"you look weird... you're not wearing anything you made." it was meant as a compliment. i plan to only recap once a week, because it won't be all that interesting!

    and... I love the tank!

  6. Maybe you've been seduced by the fact that green is really having it's moment this spring. That said, I think these could be totally awesome! Hmmm, maybe I've been seduced too?

    I don't really do MMM type things because I don't think it would change what I'm wearing most days. Like you, I wear what I've sewn all the time. (It baffles me a little when others don't since I'm always so giddy about wearing my makes.) Also the photo thing could potentially land me in a rare Clio & Phineas domestic squabble (we both don't love taking pictures. Head chopping off might be less than unintentional. ha ha ha).

  7. I'm doing MMM this year, even though I'm a new sewer and I have all of 7 things that I sewed. It's just a challenge for myself. I'm not uploading photos to the Flickr group though - not with my no-skill headless mirror pics. :)

  8. If anyone can pull these off, it's you! I can't wait to see them!

    I'm doing MMM, but I hate to call them outfit posts, mostly because my "outfit" every day consists of a me-made top, usually knit, with one of my two pairs of jeans and either boots or Chuck Taylors. I'm a real fashionista, ha! I don't think anyone would be inspired by my posts, so I'm just Instagramming pics this year.

  9. I like your barfy fabric, kind of out there :-) Not doing MMM this year, tried it one time and the pressure was just too much for me! And I tend to skip over most of the MMM blog posts. Sorry guys...but I enjoy new, newsy posts.

  10. ha, i love this title. i'm not doing me made may this year, not because i don't have enough makes to wear but the picture problem - i always either forget or it's dark outside or i have nowhere to shoot because my house is a wreck. taking photos is a big ordeal.

    oh, and i liked michelle's final runway collection. i think your jeans will be really cool!

  11. I rather enjoy the pants' colors and pattern as well! A little bit 'jungle'. The peg leg pant with an aggressive shoe could be a win!

  12. I think your pants are great and print pants have really been calling out to me lately. They are usually quite cute! As far as MMM, I don't feel the need. I wear my MMs nearly every day to work and out so this wouldn't change much. Plus, I'm another who gets a little yawn-y with fashion blogs that run along the lines of "guess what I wore today?" Fashion blogs and sites of the big fashion names and retailers? That's a different story. Give me some process loaded sewing blogs any day!

  13. It was great to meet you yesterday!! You've single handedly changed my opinion on peek-a-boob dresses - yours was so beautiful and fun!

  14. All okay with you, Suzanne? long time no posts!



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