Jun 28, 2011


About to get married at Manhattan City Hall
Did you read the title of this post? That's what I was chanting last night to my husband on the anniversary of the day we got hitched at City Hall in Manhattan. Because we've been married four years now, and he tweeted that he started running for re-election two years ago, which sounds about right in the U.S. In Canada, our preference is to be kinda shitty until we lose a no-confidence vote, and then we're really sweet and make lots of promises (all that you have heard before) for the five weeks prior to the anniversary and hope that undoes all the damage caused by 3 years and 47 weeks of being kinda shitty.

Anyway, it's a good thing there are no term limits in marriage. But we have nothing to worry about. My husband and I are of one mind. This is a good thing when it come to dealing with our daughter. Or choosing a paint colour for our kitchen. Often our conversations go something like this:

Me: Hey, why don't we order Thai tonight?

Him: I was just thinking that too!

Me: Awesome.

But the downside of this is we are down one mind. Sharing one mind means we agree a lot, but it also means we share many of the same weaknesses. Therefore there's no one to do the heavy lifting when it comes to things like driving directions. (That's something we're both so terrible at that we made a vow to never again go to New Jersey. Getting lost in New Jersey means an hour on the wrong "express" highway and an extra $25 in tolls.) 

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