Feb 28, 2011

Why I've been so busy, or Advanced Patternmaking is hard, y'all!

I've been really busy with schoolwork already this semester at FIT. I'm taking Misses' Sportswear, an advanced patternmaking class, which is the third patternmaking class I have taken at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Every week we have to draft the pattern for a garment, and then sew it, doing all the finishing touches that take time. So far I've made two skirts, one I love and will wear to a wedding in a month in Wisconsin, and one that is...meh. (See left and below). 

It turned out well, but I made it to fit my dressform at school, and even with a few alterations, I don't think it suits my frame that well. I am starting running tomorrow (I had my gait analyzed at Jackrabbit in NYC yesterday and got a sweet new pair of sneakers) so maybe by real spring it will look a little better on me. Or maybe not. Perhaps I will give it to a taller svelter friend instead. Anyway, note the vent in the back (that's a special type of slit that keeps your upper thighs and lady business under wraps:

And here's the top:
Onto Project #2. A navy and champagne printed silk skirt with asymmetrical gores:
It's swingy, with just the right amount of flare to camouflage a lady's lovely hips. Also, note the great asymmetrical yoke detail on the back:
And down the front:
I'm making a ruffled blouse in a peachy silk  to match this skirt, so will post more pics later. Also: I just got my new serger delivered! So if you need me, that's where I'll be neglecting my child.

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