Feb 27, 2011

How cool is this?

Nobody every comments on my blog (except you, Lizzi) so I often feel like no one is reading it. But then there's this:

How awesome is that? Lucy in the Max costume I designed and sewed, and a link to my pattern and tutorial on a Korean sewing blog. Thanks for reading and linking, guys! P.S. I can't tell what it says...but I'm hoping it's about how cute it is? Anyone know Korean?


  1. Copy and past it into translate.google.com It'll give you a rough idea, at least.

    We're still looking forward to your doll carrier pattern. :)

  2. Here's the translation via Google:
    Anyway, one of the cute baby,
    Is not this cute animal costume'm ipeulttae

    Beuruda free pattern slip ~ margin size to post to the printer is put to 0.
    I saw the size deyittae two murders his daughter made for Halloween, so,
    2-3 years old .. it seems like the size for

    (the size is the greatest foreign honey you dont-_-)

    Put your blog letting this person to disclose

    Put together by the Act did create huhuhut .. ..

    [Source] [free patterns / baby dongmulot] ahgidongmulot Free Patterns Share deuryeoyong | By YamYam



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