Dec 20, 2010

Final Project for FIT

Okay, so styled appropriately, the Anne Klein knock-off blouse I made for my final patternmaking class project is not all that horrible. I was on the fence about it, and then my UPS guy told me I looked lovely. " It is a size 10, and my dress form at school sorta had a fat back, so it puffs out on me a lot, though belted it kinda looks purposeful. If I worked in an office, I'd probably wear it. But I don't. Moving on. Here's the front (note the princess line seam over the bust; also: flat-felled seams)
 And the back, which I do like, though it was complicated to sew. Our teacher called this style a "princess kimono." That basically means it has princess line seams PLUS kimono-style sleeves. What that means is a buttload of sewing, and a whole lot of pattern pieces — 12, I think. I think if it actually fit well, it would be a marvel of design. But as loose as it is on me, it's....not so hot. Check out the back:

After this, I feel ready to tackle a more complicated blouse. Maybe knock-off something I would actually wear, like this blouse from Anthropologie (ignore the fabric):

or maybe this, but in red:

1 comment:

  1. Amazing! As always, I am so impressed by your sewing prowress! You look proud and happy, as you should be - this is really great work. HP xo



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