Dec 1, 2010

Final Class Project for this Semester

Sigh. See this white button-up blouse above (captured on my cellphone)?  It's an Anne Klein number, which is surprising given the hideous elasticized elbow-length sleeves. It's also the final project for my patternmaking class at the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC. We have to replicate the above blouse, but to fit our dressform using the slopers (the main building blocks of all clothing patterns) we made earlier this semester. A little disappointing considering last semester's final project looked like this:

Different somewhat (I believe it was also based on an Anne Klein blouse), but with one confounding feature they both share: The peplum. Who's knows what a peplum is? Raise your hand....just as I thought: even Blogger's spellcheck hasn't heard of a peplum! Shiteous (though what do I know: when I googled "peplum" just now I came up with a "Trend report" that said peplum dresses are hot this fall. Rihanna and Leighten Meister love them. Probably in four years I'll come around, just like I did with mountain bikes and biscotti, though I just can't believe I'll ever get on board with the jazz shoes). The peplum is the sorta-skirt-like bottom part of the blouse. I guess it's flattering if you want to accentuate your waist. But it's so officey. Or like a figure skating costume or something. Ugh. Anyway, I was hoping for something I would actually wear (we make our patterns to fit a dressform, but mine is close enough to my size I could wear most things I draft for it.)

Despite all that it's still super cool to turn this mess of lines, curves and notches:

...into this:

and this:
The back is kind of interesting with the yoke and the princess seam. But the peplum. Egad, the peplum. Luckily, our professor hates the sleeves too, so we're just doing a normal short sleeve. This would have been a great shirt when I worked at Earl's in the '90s.

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