Nov 15, 2010

Doll Carriers Coming Soon!

I've been working oh-so-hard these past few weeks on two things that are 100 % related to this cuteness:

I'll soon be posting a free, downloadable pattern and tutorial for the above doll carrier (pictured above on Lucy who had so much fun running around in it yesterday). AND (this is a first for me!) I'll be opening my own Etsy store soon to sell doll carriers for those too lazy to make their own. Kidding, of course. I friggin' hope you're all too lazy to make your own.

Both (pattern and purchasable carriers) will be available with lots of time before the holidays.


  1. I just found your site and am SO excited! Are you still planning on posting the pattern for these carriers "with lots of time before the holidays"?

  2. Sorry about the delay! I came up against some obstacles (technical stuff) and then things got crazy with school, work and getting Christmas gifts all ready to ship. Ack! I'll get on it

  3. Was this pattern ever released? I LOVE this doll carrier and would love to make one for my son! We use an SSC a lot and this is the only pattern I've found so far!

  4. I"d really love this doll pattern and tutorial too.... any chance you could share?

  5. Do you still have a copy of this pattern? The link says it doesn't exist anymore! I would love to make this for my baby girl. It's the best one that I've seen!



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