Nov 17, 2009

My Baby, Burdastyle

One of my favourite online resources is, a Brooklyn-based open-source
sewing site. They recently started charging for their in-house-designed patterns, but there are also plenty of free patterns uploaded by the site's users, among them the Vivienne Toddler Jumper, pictured above on Lucy as she contemplates my Burt Bee's lip balm.

I re-used a pair of brown wool-blend work pants that no longer fit (did they ever? They're huge) for the outer shell, and lined it with this sweet yellow and white dotted cotton I've had lying around forever. The buttons came from a bag I bought years ago at Micheal's in Winnipeg. And since Lucy love all things round (balls, balloons, bubbles, etc.), I appliqued on a few circles in the print.

It's all part of my mission to rid my closet of items I no longer wear (or in some cases, never did), while avoiding spending any money on new things for Lucy.


  1. Sue, when did Lucy get so big? She's freaking adorable! And the jumper is damned cute, too. Nicely done (on both counts).



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