Nov 10, 2009

I hope I can remember this forever

Last night we were reading books in bed when Lucy looked at a picture of a mama cat licking her baby cat, then turned to me and licked my face. It was possibly the funniest, most wonderful moment of my life so far: my 15-month-old daughter licking my face. Of course she then licked Ryan's face too, and then her teddy bears and stuffed kitty, and so and so forth until our entire bedtime menagerie was covered with baby saliva.

I hope I can remember that moment, and other ones like it so that one day when she is older and in that stage where they like to hear about themselves when they were young, I can tell funny stories that indicate the best parts of her nature -- that she's sweet, loving and smart -- and that her parents love her so much they're willing to let her licks their faces.

Right now I'm working on a big project that requires me to learn a bunch of new skills. I'm a big fan of and have used a number of the patterns posted there over the past couple years. They recently started charging for some patterns, but it's also an open-source sewing site, where members can post PDFs of the patterns they have created. Other members try out the patterns, post pictures, make adjustments or modifications. Plus there are tutorials and tips, and so much inspiration for sewing stuff.

Anyway, I have numerous patterns I have created over the years and I'm working to create user-friendly downloadable versions of a few of the best, focusing on a few easy baby/toddler items. It's all part of my plan, or my Plan B, really. Also part of my Plan B is hopefully taking some patternmaking and construction classes at New York City's Fashion Institute of Technology this winter or spring. Fingers crossed.

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