Mar 27, 2013

See You Next Tuesday

If a week goes by and you people don't hear from me, can you send in the Marines (or a big box of wine and a babysitting service)?

I have in-laws arriving today for five days (staying with us; I hope they realize just how tiny my daughter's bedroom is. Pretty sure you won't be able to open the door all the way with a Queen-sized Aerobed in there). Also, my husband is in San Francisco (lucky jerk) for work. And it's Spring Break (but feels more like Winter Break, it's so cold in NYC). I don't know how I am going to feed two extra people and deal with the dishes in my tiny, no-dishwasher kitchen for the next five days. Do you ever feel like you need a vacation after someone else spends their holiday at your place?

Needless to say there won't be time for sewing until next week. I have finished a few things, but without a husband here to shoot photos, they will have to wait to be seen. My pants draft for the Jeanius class is near-perfect, which has me really excited (though I have to draft a waistband, and am a little worried about that). I also ordered some ridiculous printed stretch denim from Can't wait to show it to you.

Here's something cool I saw last week:

My husband has been telling me about this store in Soho since he started working in the neighborhood a few months ago. It's called All Saints, and it features a gigantic collection of vintage sewing machines. There were at least three walls with this many sewing machines. The woman working there told me before they opened they posted an ad seeking donated machines. So there you go: you want a 1940s Featherweight, just post an ad seeking freebies (I should have asked here WHERE they posted the ad to get such a response). There's no telling whether any of them work, but doesn't it make your heart hurt a little to see so many great machines sitting idle, gathering dust?


  1. My sympathies for the apartmentguests. Anything more than 2 nights makes me pretty claustrophobic!

  2. Thank you for not telling your readers that I insisted to my parents that they stay for more than just 3 days before finding out I would be away for work for 1 of those days.

    Also, San Francisco is terrible and I hate having a hotel room with a view of the Bay Bridge and lots of quiet time to relax and watch the flat screen from my room's king size bed. Okay, that is all a lie. I love it here and I am having a great time but I will be home to rescue you from my parents tomorrow evening.

  3. oh i hear you about the houseguest thing. i recently finished a 10 day stretch with various family members (a sister and her husband, then my MIL) with no break in between! but i do have a dishwasher, so that helps. :)

    dying to see your denim... i've been searching far and wide for an obnoxious printed stretch denim with no luck. hart's must have gotten some in since last i checked!

  4. Oy, good luck with the visitors! I think we had lived here for about four years before the constant stream of visitors alllll summer long stopped-- everyone and their mother wanted to visit NYC once they figured out they had a free place to stay! Now we only have guests every few months. My guess is your in-laws will feel guilty and claustrophobic after a meal or two at home and will want to take you out.

    But GOSH! I keep telling myself that I don't need a Featherweight, but it makes me so sad to see those just sitting there (even if it looks cool). :(

  5. Love the walls of featherweights. We have one in Seattle, but you can't take photos inside, so you have to try and take the picture of the machines through the glass.

    I think it's much better to see the machines in this way than to have them in a landfill. I had no idea they got them by donations. g

  6. All Saints kills me every time I walk past one - there are thousands of beautiful old machines that someone could be using.

    Um, good luck with the in-laws!

  7. I just had a little "omg, I've been to NY" moment seeing this because we wandered past All Saints on our trip last year and I have exactly the same photo. Good memories! Best of luck with the rellies visiting- I am such a homebody I need a break after people stay because I feel like all my talking has been used up and I need to recharge. I'm a bit odd though teehee

  8. Oh, dear, that's a long time for houseguests to stay... I usually advise my guests (gently) that two nights in my place is all either of will find comfortable. Remember when I had a studio appartement... the only houseguest that I was ever 100% at ease with was my mom.

    Interesting wall, btw! I believe they have a store in Notting Hill, London, as well, with a similar wall of vintage/antique sewing machines. Effectful, but I was also a bit sad about all these machines just gathering dust and getting dried out so they won't ever again be good for use.

  9. Ah, All Saints Spitalifelds! LOVE their clothes, they're an English retailer. Every store has that wall of sewing machines.



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