Feb 25, 2013

I'm on Facebook! ("Like" me if you like!)

I've been on Facebook for years, but only just finally created a Facebook page for my blog. It didn't really occur to me how important it was until I noticed how I almost never miss a post by those blogs I follow on Facebook. (In particular, I find it hard to keep up with Wordpress blogs, because they don't show up in my Blogger feed. Also, my time for blog-reading is limited, so I appreciate the ease of seeing posts all in one easy-to-read-on-my-phone place). So to help those readers who may not be blogger members themselves stay connected, I created a Facebook page. "Like" it and my posts will appear in your feed, so you never miss anything!


  1. Excellent! I've been thinking of this for a while but can't work out how to do it. Any tips?

    1. If you're already on Facebook, you can just create a page. On my home page (where my news feed is located), there's a header on the left side that says "Pages." Click on any of the pages listed under that header, and the next page should have a button on it that says "create page." After that, it's easy.



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