Dec 5, 2011

I want this

I NEED one of these labels for the hoodie I am making my husband  — as a completely unsubtle reminder how much effort went into his Christmas gift this year.

They're $4.50 for four labels, at Sublime Stitching. I saw them in Bust magazine's Holiday Gift Ideas email.


  1. I made some labels myself following this tutorial

    I already had the stuff at home- I ironed them on muslin. They came out well, and there was no waiting. I am so impatient!

  2. Hilarious! With that inspiration, I can think of some companion labels for some of my own makes, like - "DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY TIMES I RIPPED OUT THIS SEAM?" Or, "THIS 2-HOUR DRESS TOOK ME 3 WEEKS TO MAKE" ... I could go on. ;-)

  3. I saw these too on Sublime Stitching's blog and really want them too, especially for the coat I'm making my sister!

  4. Hah! Keep the funnies coming. I blogged about this today on Shop the Garment District.

  5. yes please! those are so perfect!



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