Jan 3, 2010

It's a New Year

I've never really felt moved by the "New Year." It seems so arbitrary -- why does the "New Year" start in the middle of winter, when we have months of cold and snow left lying in wait? It would make more sense for the New Year to begin at the onset of spring, when change (and newness) is in the air. Or even in Fall, when the cycle of life/death enters a new stage and the new school year begins. But January? What gives?

Still, I am full of promise for 2010. The first half of 2009 was tough. The second half, much better. Many things happened for our family to give us hope that things will get even better in this new year. And though I'm as sleepless as I was when we rung in 2009, I have some hope that things will get better soon.

That's my one resolution: to have a full night's sleep this year. Preferably more than one in a row. I need to be able to concentrate in my pattern-making nightclass at FIT!

Christmas was super fun this year, though it was quiet (as quiet as any day with a 17-month-old can be). Lucy loved her elephant I knit (see left). We ate tourtiere (see below) and enjoyed lots of family time -- including a trip on NYC's Nostalgia Train, an old-timey subway from, I think, the 1930s, complete with hanging lightbulbs, low-hanging ceiling fans that could slice hairs off the head of anyone over 6-foot-4, plus vintage ads (text from one ad: "Hit him again, lady! We don't like door blockers either.").


  1. I like that elephant's trunk! Great job Sue! And a Happy New York new year to you.

  2. Tourtiere! Yay! Looks like you had a great Christmas. Your elephant is awesome. Here's to a full night's sleep (and many more great wonderful adventures) in 2010!

  3. lol i think the new year is placed there to give us all hope that things will get better



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