Feb 13, 2009

No. Sleeves. 'Til Brooklyn....

Is it just me, or do Americans get served jury duty way more often than we do in Canada? My husband has served once already and received a notice today in the mail. At our mommy-daddy-baby group several of the moms talked about also serving recently. But I have never heard of anyone I know ever being called to serve jury duty in Canada. Nor have I ever done so.

Anyway, I'm working on a bunch of spring/summer dresses for my upcoming launch of an Etsy store. Today was supposed to be sleeve day (I hate sleeves!) but I unexpectedly ran out of thread so am spending my baby's naptime cleaning up my sewing room (I can't cook without creating a disaster in the kitchen, and I can't sew without strewing thread all through the apartment).

That picture above is of a hawk in Tompkins Square Park (Lower East Side) on Monday.

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