May 29, 2014

Project Runway — Redemption, Recaps and a Challenge of Our Own!

The producers of Project Runway are all about second chances: from the "Tim Gunn Save" to Project Runway All-stars (which I believe was created in part to right the wrong of Mondo losing out to Gretchen Jones in Season 8), to the practice of inviting four finalists to create a collection for Fashion Week rather than the expected three.

And the upcoming season of Project Runway — expected sometime this summer; who knows when exactly — will once again feature a former contestant brought back under the guise of "Runway Redemption." (Remember on Season 12 a humbled Kate came back to the workroom, where she proved to be more than the sum of her sass and selfishness displayed in Season 11_.

This time around, fans can vote for one of three former contestants: goth costume designer Alexander Pope, Nashville designer Amanda Valentine, and Ken "Anger Issues" Laurence. And TV being what it is, I'm guessing Ken will could very well draw enough votes from people who simply want to see whether this southern hothead can make it through another season without actually stabbing someone with a pair of Ginghers:

Before you vote for this man, remember he also threatened a woman with violence:

When he called his mom after one of these blowups, she said, "Did that other person show up?" referring, I presume, to Ken's split-personality. Surely Project Runway concerns itself with the mental stability of its contestants (and the safety of those who must live and work in close quarters with them).

Moving on, what do we remember about their actual designs?

Some highlights from Alexander Pope's creative and colorful work on Season 12:

Amanda Valentine seemed like she had a lot of potential. But she went down in the dumbest Project Runway challenge ever: designing stage outfits for an Australian male stripper revue (see the last unfortunate photo in this series):

Krazy Ken, meanwhile, made a lot of little short dresses and a couple nice gowns. He didn't win a single challenge his season. Oh, and he threatens violence against women (did I already mention that?):

Were any of you readers here when I used to write Project Runway recaps? That was loads of fun, and I miss those post-show conversations so I'm bringing back my "What Did We Learn From Project Runway This Week?" recaps when the next season starts this summer. And to celebrate, I'm planning a super fun reader challenge. I'll be back with details soon.

Until then, who do think should be given a second chance in lucky Season 13 of Project Runway?


  1. I voted to bring back Alexander. Ken was way too scary to watch. Amanda was so-so. Alexander was more fun to watch. I wish they would concentrate more on what the designers are doing than on what they are saying, but that's TV. I'm looking forward to your commentary to sort it all out.

    1. I liked Alexander a lot. i thought he was talented. I do want to see more from Amanda. She was in that season where it was all team challenges. Would love to see what she can do solo.

  2. Eeek! I'm pumped you're bring back the re-caps. I've missed them so. (Ken will NOT get my vote. He was downright scary.)

  3. Hurrah! I loved your recaps! Alexander for the win, though you're right about Amanda. She simply didn't get a chance to shine. Ken on the other hand has already had more than his fair share of camera time. Bring on the summer programming!

  4. yeah recaps!!!! No Ken, no no no.

  5. I probably won't vote because I don't care for any of them.

    But I look forward to your recaps!

  6. not gonna lie, i missed your project runway dishing! ken needs to not be included in the voting. that boy has issues. i think Alexander had a lot potential, and i was hoping to see more from Amanda... i'd be happy to see either back!

  7. My vote goes to Alexander. Looking forward to your recaps.

  8. YAY RECAP RETURNS!! they're better than watching the show!!

  9. SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS. I hated Ken so much- he talked tons of shit, but never made anything interesting! So I'd be happy with either one of the others.

  10. you write the most intelligent recaps about this show! seriously, rivaling TLo. project runway makes me angry so i probably won't watch but i will totally read your recaps haha

  11. Yay!! I loved these before your blogging break. I'm not really moved by any of these contestants. Def not Ken, alexander's kind of annoying but not too bad, so i guess amanda. i think i actually would love a lot of her ideas in real life but they might not be flashy enough for the competition. Looking forward to it now! I actually haven't even really watched the seasons since you haven't been commenting :)

  12. I'm not convinced I can watch if they bring back Ken - he made me scared both for the other designers and for his own mental health! But I'm seriously excited that your recaps are coming back.

  13. Yes yes yes, I loved the recaps, in a lot of cases I loved them more than the episodes. I think it's worth complaining to Project Runway that they would ever give the time of day to Kenneth "violent threats against women" Laurence.

    In a tangentially related topic I find it saddening and demeaning when ever male designers either on the judging team or contestants tell female designers on the show 'what women want to wear'. Why are Gay man, the very people in the world who aren't attracted to women allowed to tell other women what women should look like or aspire to look like. It drives me up the wall and down the other side. For that reason I wish they would bring back someone who had more in mind for women's clothing than 'pretty', none of these candidates really fit the bill on that front.

  14. I'm voting Amanda! She had the best potential in my opinion. Though Alexander was a sweetheart. Let's not even go there when it comes to Ken

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