Mar 3, 2013

Look What Came Home With Me This Weekend!

Yesterday I traveled down to the Garment District in Midtown Manhattan to buy a few remaining supplies for my Mommy Poppins Bag. I picked up fusible interfacing at the Fashion Institute of Technology bookstore and a magnetic closure at SIL Thread (plus muslin for Kenneth King's "Jeanius" Craftsy class, which I am finally going to get serious about soon I swear).

But I completely forgot to buy lining. I did, however, bring home something much, much better.

You see, I met up with a certain NYC sewing blogger at Mood. We then went for lunch, and one thing lead to another and I ended up taking home this adorable hunk (of metal):

Any guesses as to who it was I met at Mood?

Here's a hint:

That's right! Yesterday I spent a few hours with the incomparable (and generous) Peter Lappin of Male Pattern Boldness.

Over lunch I was asking Peter for advice on where to buy (and how much to pay for) a Singer Featherweight. I've been window shopping on eBay and Craigslist for one, but am wary of paying too much for something I don't know enough about. He's a bit of an expert on the subject, and has even written about Featherweights for Vogue Patterns magazine.

Well, it took Peter all of five seconds to offer me a loaner — the above Featherweight, which he received from a neighbor. I was amazed by his generosity (though if you read Peter's blog you will know the second I left his apartment he was probably firing up eBay to look for yet another machine to add to his collection).

And what a collection it is:

Peter demonstrating how to treadle in the Peter Lappin Singer Sewing Machine Museum

I schlepped the machine home to the Bronx and I can tell you even a "Featherweight" becomes a bit of a burden after 230 blocks (don't worry; I didn't walk it. I took two subway trains and a bus). I must have weak arms though, because look at just how little this cute thing is:

Ryan and Lucy inspecting the Featherweight

Tiny though it may be, this little machine has some serious stitching power, and I can't wait to use it on the handbag I am about to start sewing. My contemporary Singer is kind of pathetic and not up to the task of stitching anything thicker than two-ply cotton.

I'll have to figure out some way to pay this generosity forward.

My daughter, meanwhile, is coveting Peter's dogs' treadmill. She says she wants one of these so she can avoid going outside in the winter, much like Freddy and Willy (To see them in action, go to Peter's blog here):

Enjoy the rest of your weekends, everybody. If you need me, I'll be straight-stitching!


  1. score! have fun playing with that machine!

  2. Oh man! So awesome! I'm swooning with jealousy over here both for that awesome machine and for the fact that you guys were able to hang out!

  3. Wow! It was recently reading about Peter's featherweights and my long standing love of them that prompted me to just purchase my first one! I received it about 2 weeks ago all the way from UK to Australia. They are wonderful and I agree, there is no doubt it sews a much more beautiful straight stitch than my 2 year old computerised Janome! Have fun! Oh and yes, it's no "featherweight". Well the machine is, but the box weighs a tonne :)

    1. I love sewing with it! It's so quiet and simple, and stitches through thick fabrics so easily. Peter preaches the gospel of Featherweights, and I'm his most recent convert for sure!

  4. Oh. My. Lord. That is magnificent!!!!!

  5. aaaaaah what an enabler! you're going to fall in love with that machine. i've carted my 3,000 miles twice now!

  6. So cool!! But y'all seriously need to stop tempting me with these cool Featherweights!



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