Sep 29, 2010

In Which I hate On Rompers

It was the hottest summer on record in NYC, and I spent most of alternately sweating and complaining to anyone who would listen about how fugly and inappropriate it is for grown-ass women to be running around in rompers. My two-year-old looks adorable in rompers. She wears them often. That's how I know for a fact that rompers give you a wedgie unless you're wearing a diaper. Need to raise your hand to wave hello? Well, now you have camel toe, young lady. Also: going to a public bathroom. Do you really want to be topless while you pee? I saw a study once about how few of those doors actually lock...

This is all a digression to explain my surrender. Go ahead: squeeze yourself into that romper that gives you uni-boob, girl. I no longer judge you. I can't, because this week I created a pattern for and sewed a mini-dress modeled on one I made for my toddler earlier this year. Yes, that one, pictured at left. (Don't I look thrilled? I just love having my picture taken.)

I'm now taking my second patternmaking class at the Fashion Institute of Technology, home to Twizzler-thin hipsters who are the only beings apparently unaffected by climate change (how else to explain leather pants in 30 C heat? Seriously, Republicans should make these kids a talking point.) I feel like such a mom when I am there. Like: "Cute outfit, lady. My mom would love it, heh heh."

Aside from my anxiety regarding my own general uncoolness, I knew I'd love it. I learned so much even in the first semester. I can create slopers (the building blocks for all patterns) and can draft bodices, sleeves, collars, etc. (We move on to skirts/pants this semester). In short: I finally learned how geometry can be useful!

The original pattern for the toddler dress (pictured at right on my girl) is from, an amazing online resources for sewers. Not only can you download patterns there, you can also learn techniques from tutorials. I basically used the sloper I made for myself to extrapolate a mommy-sized dress pattern for myself. My next project is to learn how to post my own patterns there, so I can start sharing the stuff I make. (We finally got a new computer, so anything is possible now. That's the reason I stopped blogging here last winter: my laptop was so geriatric that it wouldn't function with modern websites like That's more than six months with a computer so slow, I missed the dial-up connection of my university days.)

Anyway, I am back. I have 10 things on the go, and plan to post about all of them. Hopefully patterns one day too, for anyone who cares.

P.S. I swear on a stack of rompers that I will never, ever wear my dress on the same day as Lucy. That would just be too much.


  1. Love the blog Suzanne! Good to see that upgraded technology is helping you share your creativity with others like me!!

  2. Stephanie Sine-WilsonSeptember 29, 2010 at 11:50 PM

    Love, Love, LOVE it!!!!!!

  3. Nice dress, i could see moms and non-moms rocking it

  4. you two are adorable! i am so impressed with your wares Suzanne. keep up the great work.



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