Dec 7, 2009

Toddler Tee Dress

It feels wrong to covet your daughter's dress -- especially when your daughter is only 16 months old. But I'm a little jealous of this purple jersey Tee dress I made for Lucy from a pattern at, upcycling an old purple jersey skirt that I haven't worn since I was pregnant, and a scrap from a T-shirt that is unsuitably short for me now. (It's unseemly for a mom to rock a belly button-skimming shirt; also, more importantly, it's totes '90s!)

I need to figure out how to adapt the pattern to fit myself. Perhaps after I take the pattern-making program at FIT, which I plan to start in February! Whee! It's the first step in my plan to undertake a total mid-life career change (that's what members of our generation are supposed to do, right?)

But a neckline this loose only looks good on Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. I think I may undo it and insert some elastic, which admittedly will ruin the geometric '80s effect of this design by Arsonista. Still, it's more practical for a tall, skinny toddler who doesn't much like wearing clothes to begin with. I can always take it out when she grows a bit and her shoulders aren't so skinny.


  1. oh my gosh Sue, so exciting! FIT! I love the idea of a creative career change - so inspiring! and you'll be great. I'll work on getting my sidebar updated... right now I'm on rattle 43....
    (my goodness!)

  2. Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. That was pretty funny.



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